We emphasise in safeguarding children with an absolute commitment to building a strong and healthy trust relationships both with the school and the community; and ensure our instructors will be pursuing bonding with students, schools and parents with absolute honesty.

A) All our instructors will fully comply to school's children safeguarding policy and guidelines suggested by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. (NSPCC, UK)

B) All our instructors will have their sexual conviction record checked by Hong Kong Police Force.

C) All our instructors will absolutely comply to a child protection policy which includes a structured protocol to be followed in case of suspected cases of abuse with full cooperation with our partners.

D) All misbehaviours will be identified with respects to 5 categories:

• Physical abuse/harm
• Emotional Abuse/disturbance
• Sexual exploitation
• Negligence
• All other inappropriate behaviours

E) Children with SEN and disabilities will be specifically recognised because of their additional vulnerability to abuse.

F) Cases will be also referred to the Education Bureau and Hong Kong Police Force when a member of our instructor has been dismissed due to risk or harm to a child, and cases where a crime has been or may have been committed to our children.